The Whalebone Theatre

By Joanna Quinn

This is an undeniably lovable book about three charming siblings who are determined to seek their own adventures. From Dorset to London to Paris and back again; you are never quite sure where the plot is going to take you. I was completely enchanted.
~ Her Majesty Queen Camilla
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Publish Date: 2022

Despite her adverse circumstances, young Cristabel Seagrave has big dreams for her life and is determined to write her own story. When a whale washes up on the Dorset shore, she plants her flag, and the inanimate carcass becomes the stage for Cristabel, Flossie and Digby’s imaginative plays, while her step-parents are distracted by an endless parade of party guests. But as the war approaches, the now grown-up children will find out that the roles they are expected to play are no longer those they hoped…

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