The Paper Palace

By Miranda Cowley Heller

This evocative, absorbing novel transports the reader straight to Cape Cod, to fall in love with the place as much as its characters. This book manages to be dark, unsettling and very funny, all at the same time.
~ Her Majesty Queen Camilla
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Publish Date: 2021

It’s a glorious August morning, when Elle Bishop wakes up after a dinner party and heads for a swim in the freshwater pond below ‘The Paper Palace’ – the gently decaying summer camp in the back woods of Cape Cod where her family has spent every summer for generations. As she dives into the cold water, she suddenly remembers the passionate encounter she had the previous night, while her husband and mother chatted to the guests inside. This is the beginning of a story which will unfold over twenty-four hours and across fifty years, as decades of family legacies, love, lies, secrets, and one unspeakable incident in her childhood lead Elle to the precipice of a life-changing decision.


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