Great Circle

By Maggie Shipstead

Great Circle explores the wild frontiers of Prohibition-era America through the eyes of its ground-breaking, boundary-pushing heroine, Marian Graves. I admired Marian as much as I loved this book.
~ Her Majesty Queen Camilla
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Publish Date: 2021

Marian Graves is a daring aviator determined to be the first to fly around the world north-south over the poles. In 1950, near the end of her historic attempt, she vanishes in Antarctica. Hadley Baxter is a scandal-plagued movie star who sees a career lifeline in a new role: the lost pilot Marian Graves. Ranging from a sinking ocean liner to prohibition-era Montana to the skies of wartime Britain and the soundstages of modern Hollywood, the fates of two women collide over geographies and centuries.

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