Wide Sargasso Sea

By Jean Rhys

The novel tells the story of Antoinette Mason, the woman known as Bertha in Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre, from her childhood to her arranged marriage to Mr. Rochester, an English gentleman who will turn out to be abusive and cruel. Struggling with her mental health and trapped in a loveless marriage, Antoinette finds herself confined to the attic of her husband's mansion, where she precipitates in a state of madness leading to dramatic consequences.


The Sisters Brothers

By Patrick deWitt

An homage to the classic Western, The Sisters Brothers is the story of two notorious assassins, Eli and Charlies Sisters, chasing their victim, Hermann Kermit Warm. Throughout a long and violent journey, one of them will start questioning his life choices...


Children's book. Polly is not scared of the wolf at all! And at every turn, she manages to outwit him. Written for the author's daughter, who was scared of a wolf under the bed, the twelve books included in this book are inspired by traditional fairy tales, blending fantasy, reality, humour, originality and charm.



By Tove Jansson

Children's book. The Moomins are a family of white, round trolls, living in their house in Moominvalley. Along with their friends, the Moomins have had many adventures across nine books, five picture books and a comic strip, and remain some of the most beloved characters from children's literature.


The Ingo Chronicles

By Elen Dunmore

Children's book. Made of five novels - Ingo, The Tide Knot, The Deep, The Crossing of Ingo, Stormswept - The Ingo Chronicles detail the story of Sapphire and her search for her father lost at sea. et on the coast of Cornwall, this series sees Sapphy diving down into Ingo, where she discovers an exciting world under water.