By Herman Melville

One of the literary masterpieces of modern literature, Moby-Dick is a tale of obsession, revenge, and the epic struggle between man and nature. As Ishmael boards the Pequod, he is unaware of the journey he is about to embark on, a journey into the darkest abyss of the soul alongside Captain Ahab to slay the fearsome white whale Moby-Dick. Drawn from his own experience as a seaman aboard whaling ships, this novel is a profound exploration of the human spirit.


Dear Life

By Alice Munro

This collection of stories by Nobel Prize winner Alice Munro captures the essence of life through a series of chance encounters and twists of fate that beautifully illustrates how unordinary ordinary life can be.



By Domenico Starnone

Daniele Mallarico and his four-year-old grandson Mario find themselves having to spent 72 hours together in Daniele's apartment in Naples. Against the backdrop of a city bursting with life but also violent, grandfather and grandson will engage in a battle of wits, surrounded by the ghosts of Daniele's own childhood and life alone. Wry and gripping, Trick is a story about ageing, family and make peace with one's own past.


Inspired by Shakespeare's most famous play, Hamnet is the story of a boy whose life has been forgotten, but whose name has echoed throughout the centuries as one of the greatest plays ever written. Reimagining the life of Hamnet Shakespeare, prematurely dead at the age of eleven in 1596, O'Farrell creates an extraordinarily tender and imaginative tale.