The Inugami Curse

By Seishi Yokomizo

At the death of the head of the Inugami Clan, the strange details of his will are revealed and a series of gruesome murders ensues. Called to investigate, detective Kosuke Kindaichi will uncover a web of secrets which will eventually lead to the murder and the lifting of the curse plaguing the Inugami clan.


The Tokyo Zodiac Murders

By Soji Shimada

Japan, 1979. A mystery-obsessed illustrator with a talent for astrology sets off to solve a mysterious case which has buffled the country for decades, the infamous Tokyo Zodiac Murders. After the puzzling death of an old eccentric artist, found dead in a room locked from the inside in 1936, the seven women he lived with are found dismembered and buried across rural Japan, just as his astrology-filled diaries had predicted...


Whose Body?

By Dorothy L. Sayers

The first book of the Lord Peter Wimsey series, Whose Body? sees the English aristocrat investigating the death of a man found dead in Mr Alfred Thipps' Battersea bathroom, wearing only a pair of gold pince-nez. Will he be able to find out whose body it is...?



By Natsuo Kirino

Exasperated by debts and chores, four women working the draining graveyard shift at a boxed-lunch factory dream of a way out of their miserable lives. When one of them snaps and kills her philandering, gambling husband. The women will find themselves caught between a police investigation, a loan shark with connections to the Yakuza, and a ruthless nightclub owner accused of the crime.


The Poisoned Chocolates Case

By Anthony Berkeley

When Chief Inspector Moresby is called to investigate the death of Joan Bendix, killed by a poisoned box of liqueur chocolates, he is baffled. In need of help, he reaches out to Roger Sheringham and the Crimes Circle, six amateur detectives. Taking turns, the detectives will offer their theories, until the last piece of the puzzle unlocks the mystery.


The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd

By Agatha Christie

Christie's first resounding success, The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd sees the eccentric Belgian detective Hercule Poirot investigate the murder of Roger Ackroyd, a man who knew too much about the woman he loved...


The Silver Sword

By Ian Serraillier

Children's book. As the Nazis take their mother away, three children manage to escape in a scramble across the rooftops of Warsaw. Now they are forced to learn to survive on their own. But when they meet the ragged Jan, they recognise his paperknife - the silver sword - as their lost father's, and embark on a dangerous journey across war-torn Europe in search for their parents.


The Once And Future King

By T. H. White

Children's book. White's masterful retelling of King Arthur's legend, this novel is a classic. Five volumes - including The Sword in the Stone, The Witch in the Wood , The Ill-Made Knight, The Candle in the Wind and The Book of Merlyn - tell the story of King Arthur, Camelot, Merlyn, Owl, Guinevere, knights, wizardry, war, and love.


Noughts & Crosses

By Malorie Blackman

Children's book. Sephy and Callum have known each other since they were children. But Sephy is a Cross, living a life of privilege and power, while Callum is a nought, regarded as a blanker. Their families are bitter enemies. But this feud will not prevent these star-crossed lovers from choosing each other, a decision which will lead to terrible danger and repercussions...