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Khaled Hosseini and Afghanistan today

Khaled Hosseini and his family were granted political asylum in the USA in 1980. Since then, Hosseini has trained as a doctor and written numerous best-selling novels. After the publication of The Kite Runner in 2003, Hosseini started the ‘Khaled Hosseini Foundation’, a non-profit organisation that aims to bring aid to the Afghans that need help the most. The Kite Runner was read by millions of people worldwide and it has been suggested that Hosseini introduced Afghanistan as a country to a western audience, long before the Taliban took hold, and shared the unique and diverse experiences of the Afghan people in a way that has never been forgotten.

When the Taliban took over the country of Afghanistan in August 2021, Khaled Hosseini publicly shared his grief with his adopted country. He told MSNBC News how he felt his heart was breaking for the families who had been bringing up their children under the shadow of the regime, praying for a better tomorrow. He expressed particular fear for women and children, who had been systematically subjected to terror and brutality whilst living under a regime that deprived them of their rights. Hosseini wrote publicly to NPR to give the President the following message:

I would also ask President Biden to use his influence on international committee to exert diplomatic pressure on the Taliban to respect the essential human rights of all Afghan citizens, particularly women and girls, and to not use intimidation and violence against its own citizens.

Khaled has stated that he is deeply sceptical that the Taliban have changed or have become more progressive or moderate. He hopes that they can prove him wrong, not to him, but to the Afghan people inside the country. Khaled remains deeply concerned for the vulnerable people of Afghanistan and for those who have been forced to flee their homeland. He issued the following statement on ‘The Khaled Hosseini Foundation’ website:

I have watched the developments in Afghanistan with great sadness. I am deeply disappointed and gravely concerned for the country. The last twenty years have been challenging, but the painstaking progresses made in women’s rights, education, healthcare and others are now threatened. The U.S. and the international community at large must take steps to prevent a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Those Afghans who are fleeing violence must have access to both safe territory and asylum processes, and I encourage participating states to increase resettlement space for vulnerable Afghan refugees. Here in the foundation, we are in contact with our grantees to learn of their safety and working with them to assess their needs. We will not abandon women and children in Afghanistan and recognize that they need our support now more than ever.

Khaled Hosseini – August 1th 2021

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