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The little prince sat desperately on his planet, talking to his rose all alone. He realised his rose was becoming weaker and weaker. She longed for water but he didn’t know where to find it. “Maybe I could lend a bit of water of that blue planet for my poor rose,” he thought to himself. A sudden breeze hit him, and he felt the presence of his little mate, Birdy from planet Earth. Birdy knew how to find water and brought the little prince to the last place he had been on Earth, the desert.

Landing near a rock in the Sahar desert, the little prince called out for Mr. Desert. “Hi Mr. Desert, would you have some water for my darling rose?” he asked. I need to find some quickly, my flower is really unwell, he added. “Oh, I’m so sorry, people have been cutting all the trees around me, so now I’m bigger but I don’t have any water in my underground left,” answered Mr. Desert. “Why don’t you go and ask Ms. Ocean.”

The little prince asked Ms. Ocean the same question and she sadly replied, “I’m totally sick. People have filed my belly with lots of plastic, oil, and all kinds of littering. I can’t help you with water. Go and talk to Mr. Cloud, he might help you out”.

As he sailed off, the little prince looked up and begged Mr. Cloud for some water. “I’m having hick ups, I’m going bunkers with this strange foggy air . I can only give water in floods these days. Go and ask for water with your friends, I’m sure they can help your beautiful rose.” So the little prince turned to Mr. Fox, the only friend he had on Earth.

When he finally found his friend, Mr. Fox told the little prince, “I can’t give you water my friend, I can’t even find my own home. People have been destroying my habitat and I’m completely lost. You’ll have to talk to the king. He makes the laws and can stop all this.” So the little prince set off to find the king.

“Sure I can give you water, exclaimed the king, if you give me money.”
“Money?” echoed the little prince with surprise. “Why do you need money? You already have a beautiful planet full of roses.”
“We human beings, can never have enough money, the king explained. So I think it’s clear, no money, no water.”

The little prince cried and wondered how he would find money to save his rose. He went sitting against a tree. “Isn’t it funny?” whispered a sudden voice coming down his way. “I’m Mother Earth, said the voice that definitely came out of the tree. You see, that’s how humans are nowadays. They created a system where money took control of their hearts, and control of the planet, but it’s not too late. If you tell them to listen to their heart, they can get back their eye sight and save the planet. Then you can save your rose.”

The little prince thanked the tree and called out to his friends. Together they prepared a plot. The little prince got them all a role to play. The desert would send a sandstorm, the sea would send a tsunami, the cloud would send floods, and the fox would bite a person and spread a virus. But the little prince warned them, “We only have 7 days, after that, my rose will die. So… we need to hurry.”

Seven days later, the king found out about the plot and summoned the little prince. “Why did you create chaos?” the king asked. The little prince answered, “This is a message from Mother Earth.” “What message?” said the king while swinging his hair to the side. “Well, you people ignore your planet to make more money,” explained the little prince. And then you use that money to repair your planet. Mother Earth asks you to open your eyes. The planet is your home. The planet is your heart. So you need to tame the planet. If you tame her, she will be unique to you. And you will be unique to her. And that’s how we care for each other.”

The king gave the little prince water for his rose and gave his word, “I will tame the planet.”