We Survived

By Eric Boehm

An extraordinary important historical document, We Survived details the lives of thousands of Germans during World War II. In fourteen autobiographical accounts, Eric Boehm tells stories of those who led illegal lives in an effort to resist Nazi terror and relentless policing by the Gestapo. A tale of survival and resilience.


New York, 1939. Josef Kavalier has finally escaped from Prague to his cousin Sam Clay's cramped bedroom. Together they embark on a journey, which starts with the comic strip 'The Escapist', in which a Nazi-busting superhero frees the oppressed around the world, but soon turns into a plan to rescue Josef's family from Hitler's tyranny.



By Kurt Vonnegut

One of the greatest modern antiwar books, this novel is an American classic. Part autobiography, part science-fiction, Slaughterhouse-Five mixes Vonnegut's own experience as a POW and the adventures of Billy Pilgrim, barber's assistant, optometrist and alien abductee, who finds himself 'unstuck in time', hiding in the basement of a slaughterhouse in Dresden, during one of the deadliest battles of the Second World War. How did he get here? And how does he get out?