By Toni Morrison

"One of the crowns of American literature that shocks us into remembering what we want to forget: the haunting faces and ghosts of slavery. Yet told in a gripping story of love and survival." - Delia Owens
Inspired by the story of Margaret Garner, the novel is set in the aftermath of the American Civil War and follows Sethe, a formerly enslaved woman, and her family as they live in a house haunted by what they believe is the ghost of Sethe's daughter. When a mysterious young woman appears in the house, the family is forced to confront Sethe's unthinkable acts and Sethe herself will do anything to atone for her actions.


West With The Night

By Beryl Markham

"Markham is a word master who, whether flying low-level over zebras on Africa's dusty savannas or solo across the Atlantic, takes us with her in the cockpit - where we learn why we must experience life on the edge of our wings." - Delia Owens
A memoir of her exciting life, the book details Beryl Markham's youth in East Africa, where she became a horse trainer and breeder and learnt to fly planes, becoming the first woman in Kenya to receive a commercial pilot's license and and the first person to fly solo across the North Atlantic westerly.


Never Cry Wolf

By Farley Mowat

"Never has serious conservation of wildlife been so charming and fun." - Delia Owens
The book is an account of Mowat's observation of wolves in subarctic Canada. Sent to Manitoba to study the dwindling population of caribou, Mowat spends his time among the wolf packs, finding that these creatures are not the bloodthirsty predators they are portrayed as, but display behaviour similar to that of humans.