By Mary Ann Evans (George Eliot)

Great women characters here from one of the greatest women writers. Magnificent Dorothea is a scholarly girl who mistakes love of study for love of the scholar and marries the wrong man. But even the right man is not her equal. A wonderfully nuanced picture of how difficult it is to be a highly intelligent woman with a great capacity for love. Other women characters are similarly complex. The wonderfully dreadful Rosamond Vincy who catches and ruins her man, and the endearing Harriet who seems like a foolish indulgent woman but rises to hardship.
~ Philippa Gregory

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Publish Date: 1871-1872

In this novel set in the fictitious town of Middlemarch in the Midlands between 1829 and 1832, George Eliot follows the lives of four fascinating characters and their fortunes and misfortunes. A meticulous portrait of provincial life punctuated by brilliant women characters.