Love In A Cold Climate

By Nancy Mitford

Perhaps I’m not the only one for whom Nancy Mitford’s considerable literary achievement has been blurred by the myths surrounding her family. I’d spent years assuming she’d be frothy and lightweight until being firmly corrected, relatively recently, by my daughter (novelist Naomi Ishiguro). In fact, Mitford is an important and original writer. This novel, like her earlier, only slightly less accomplished The Pursuit of Love, is a surprisingly dark work masquerading half-heartdely as an English high society comedy. There are very funny moments, to be sure, but the undertow of child abuse, trauma, emotional cruelty and the damage war brings to societies is bleak and profound.
~ Kazuo Ishiguro

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Publish Date: 1949

This book is the sequel to The Pursuit of Love (1945). Groomed to be married in high society by her mother, Lady Leopoldina ‘Polly’ Hampton is expected to embark on a successful season as a debutante in London. However, she shows no interest in marriage, and, unbeknownst to all, harbours a secret love for her uncle, ‘Boy’ Dougdale, and elopes with him. The consequences of this decision will lead to a series of unexpected and surprising twists and turns…